What is the Holsted Jeweler’s Affiliate Program and how does it work?

Our Affiliate Program is an easy way for you to earn money. We provide you with links, banners, and email promotions that you can use in social media or on your website if you have one. When friends or customers click on one of those links and buy something at Holsted Jewelers, you get a 12% commission.

Am I eligible to become an Affiliate?

Chances are very good that you are eligible.  Anyone can sign up, but we do reserve the right to refuse membership or revoke a membership at any time if we feel that you are promoting objectionable material.

How do I get started?

Simply click on the link below to apply for The Holsted Jewelers Affiliate Program via Refersion, our affiliate network. Once you complete the application, you can expect to get a response within a few days. You can then start creating links. It's that easy.

Are there any fees?

There are no fees.  Simply sign up, refer customers, and start collecting commissions!

Do you track return days, meaning if someone doesn't purchase on the first visit?

Yes, we provide 30 day cookies.

How often do I get paid?

Every month.  (Note: Due to our 30 day customer return policy, there is a 1 month delay for commission payouts.

How do product returns affect my commissions?

If a customer returns a product for a refund, or if credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute or credit card fraud, your account will be debited for commission earned on that sale.

How will you know that the orders came from me?

As long as you get your exclusive links through the our Refersion interface, your encrypted ID is embedded in the link and is transferred to us for tracking and reporting. So you will get the credit and the 12% commission for sending us a customer

If you have any questions regarding the Holsted Jewelers Affiliate Program, contact us at