Holsted Jewelers has a passion for bringing jewelry of the highest quality and the finest design to its customers, and it’s a passion we’ve had  since our founding in 1971. In the last ten years alone, we’ve brought 25 million beautiful selections to satisfied and stylish customers across the US, Canada and Europe, and nothing makes us happier.

We believe that jewelry should not only be gorgeous, but that it should be affordable too. That’s why you’ll find that our selections cost you much less than what you would pay at any retail store. When you pay for our jewelry, you’re paying for quality gemstones of our craftsmanship and the talent of our designers, not for the size of a retail store or the cost of magazine ads.

Maybe that’s why over the years, we have received so many “wow” letters: “Wow, I can’t believe how great this looks on me!” “Wow, she is going to love this!” “Wow, this is gorgeous!” We are forever surprising people with our ability to offer style and luxury at an appealing price.

In addition to selling our jewelry online, we also offer our jewelry in convenient collections, beautifully coordinated by our experts, and delivered right to your door at specially discounted prices. These collections always begin with a free piece of jewelry from us  – valued at $50 or higher – as our thank you. There is never an obligation to purchase anything, and you can exchange, return or cancel at any time. If you are interested in joining our mailing list to receive special offers, or for any questions you might have, please call us 1-800-214-3041, or email us at cs@holstedjewelers.com

We have been proud members of the Direct Marketing Association since 1978, we are serious about our commitment to our customers, and we love everything we sell.